“In the broadest sense, we seek to foster creativity by protecting creations.” – Pierre Kolisch

At Kolisch Hartwell, we believe that invention, discovery, and creativity serve the greater good and deserve public protection and private reward. We respect our clients – both as individuals and as businesses – because we know that they are applying their inspiration and intelligence to benefit themselves and others. We are committed as an intellectual property law firm to protecting our clients’ ideas because we believe it benefits our society as a whole.

Client relationships that foster innovation and creativity

Our central goal is to provide accessible, cost-effective, expert IP legal services. We establish and maintain long-term relationships with our clients, fostering innovation and creativity. We consistently achieve our aim through:

  • Our size and location, which allow us to keep rates lower than other firms with our capabilities.
  • Our ability to be responsive and flexible, providing all clients with partner-level communication and services.
  • The dedication, depth and breadth of technical experience and expertise of our team of attorneys, patent agents and technical consultants.
  • A practice that is complimentary, not compartmentalized, allowing our attorneys and staff to leverage their deep experience in all areas of IP.

We believe the combination of extreme technical depth and successful litigation experience Kolisch Hartwell offers is extremely rare for a firm of our size, and we are dedicated to providing our clients a consistently positive experience.

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