At Kolisch Hartwell, we have significant experience working with clients in the aircraft and aviation-related industries. Our deep technical expertise, with multiple physics PhDs among our team of practitioners, allows us to analyze, understand and communicate about the highly complex technologies found throughout this area. Examples of topics within our experience include:

  • Jet engines
  • Landing assistance systems
  • Composite aircraft materials
  • Solar powered aircraft
  • Aircraft noise reduction systems
  • Aircraft image sensors
  • Flight testing systems
  • Head-up displays
  • Flight simulators
  • Materials stress testing methods
  • Wind tunnel testing systems
  • Turbulence detection
  • Thermal management systems
  • Wing stiffeners
  • Aircraft joint sealing
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Electromagnetic effect prevention
  • Aircraft manufacturing tools and equipment
  • Door release mechanisms
  • Fuel loading systems
  • Helicopter snorkels and lifting systems

Aside from U.S. and foreign patent prosecution, we also having experience working with aviation industry clients on prior art searching and analysis, infringement analysis, trademark portfolio development, and enforcement actions in federal court.

At Kolisch Hartwell, our goal is to provide superior quality and highly responsive legal services and advice for any IP matter, no matter how complex. From our home office in Portland, Oregon, our team of highly qualified patent attorneys, agents and technical consultants can achieve this at much lower billing rates than a large, big city law firm that must recover its higher overhead costs from clients.

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