Architects and architecture firms recognize that the ownership of architectural design rights can be extremely important. However, upon completion of a building project, the building owner typically expects to own the design. This ownership is often written into a proposed contract, which can result in disputes when the architecture firm later uses its own ideas to create similar designs for others. We have worked with our clients in the architecture field to negotiate numerous mutually agreeable contracts that give the building owner satisfactory rights, while the architecture firm retains rights sufficient to create similar designs for others in the future.

At Kolisch Hartwell, we can assist in achieving less traditional intellectual property goals such as preserving architectural design rights, while also working with architecture firms on traditional IP matters such as patent and trademark prosecution, including in high-tech areas such as building-integrated heat and moisture exchange systems.

Our clients in the architecture field recognize that compared with large firms based in major U.S. cities, Kolisch Hartwell provides deep expertise and superior personal service at a lower cost.

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