It is often said that music is a universal human language. How fitting then that Kolisch Hartwell works to protect innovations in audio and musical technology around the world. Our attorneys working in this area have experience developing intellectual property rights for our clients in both the professional and consumer audio sectors. Our expertise in audio technology spans many areas, including:

  • Microphone technology
  • Audio effects processing and control systems
  • Performance monitors
  • Speaker mounting systems
  • Edge-driven acoustic transducers
  • Chord and pitch detection and analysis
  • Signal synchronization
  • Harmony generation
  • Musical error detection and correction
  • Karaoke machines and smart phone apps
  • Audio processing software

In addition to patent prosecution, Kolisch Hartwell offers full-spectrum IP services for our clients in the audio industry, including freedom to operate analysis, prior art patentability and invalidity searches, negotiating licenses and technology transfers, and coordinating U.S. and foreign litigation when it becomes necessary to enforce or defend our clients’ rights.

Our boutique size and location based in Portland, Oregon allow us to provide highly personalized service while keeping our overhead costs much lower than firms based in more expensive cities such as San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C. As a result, we offer highly responsive service, deep technical knowledge, and extensive experience in both prosecution and enforcement matters, all at a far lower cost than most large law firms can provide.

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