Kolisch Hartwell has an active and longstanding biotechnology practice, led by shareholders James Abney (PhD, biophysics) and Pierre Van Rysselberghe, with assistance from Stan Hollenberg (PhD, biology) and other team members with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics and bioengineering. Our biotechnology team members have conducted significant primary research developing biotechnology in academic and industrial settings, and have published their findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Our biotechnology clients have entrusted us to pursue patent rights on their behalf in a number of diverse areas, including:

  • Compositions: gene products, recombinant DNA, fluorescent probes, nanoparticles, magnetic particles
  • Assays: drug-screening assays, blood assays, fluorescence assays, antibody assays, calorimetric assays, genetic assays, enzyme assays (e.g., kinases, phosphatases, phosphodiesterase, and cyclases, among others)
  • Fluorescence methodologies: DNA amplification, polarization, anisotropy, total internal reflection, photobleaching recovery, correlation spectroscopy, microscopy
  • Apparatus: microplate and microchip readers, microplates, microchips, fluid dispensers, microscopes, droplet generators, bio-monitoring, computer vision

Our portfolio shows some representative biotech patents that we have prosecuted. We also assist biotechnology clients with patentability searches, freedom-to-operate opinions, infringement and validity analyses, licensing, and litigation.

The techniques, applications, and products of biotechnology are certain to continue to evolve into the distant future. Intellectual property law in this area remains as dynamic as the discipline itself. Kolisch Hartwell closely follows technical and legal developments in biotechnology and bioengineering to give our clients first-class advice and representation in this area. Moreover, because Kolisch Hartwell has attorneys with expertise in nearly every technology area, we can assist our biotechnology clients with inventions that span multiple technologies.

Our size and location allow us to provide world class services at rates much lower than those typically offered by larger firms based in more expensive cities. Learn more about our services or contact us to find out how we can help with your company’s IP needs.