Many modern industries rely on composite materials to achieve the strength, reliability and other properties needed in the products. At Kolisch Hartwell, our team of PhD physicists, chemists, and materials scientists are well prepared to assist in identifying and protecting intellectual property relating to composites. We have specific experience working with our clients in all of the following areas:

  • Composite manufacturing methods
  • Electrical conductivity reduction
  • Composite material repair
  • Material strength testing
  • Pre-impregnated materials
  • Material curing methods
  • Laminate structures
  • Material stiffening
  • Wood composites
  • Composite rebar
  • Composite foam materials
  • Polymer and dielectric composites
  • Thermoactive composites
  • Fire doors and fireproof composites

In addition to our technical expertise and patent prosecution experience relating to composite materials, we also have the legal experience and acumen to assist our clients with complex analyses such as patentability, infringement and validity opinions, freedom to operate opinions and design-around recommendations, post-grant proceedings, enforcement actions, and dispute resolution. If it’s in the realm of intellectual property, our team can handle it. Furthermore, our size and location keep our overhead costs low, which permits us to offer superior service at rates much lower than those typically offered by larger firms based in more expensive cities.

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