The computer industry is one of constant innovation, and many hardware and software companies aggressively seek to protect their competitive advantage through patents, trademarks, and copyright registrations. At Kolisch Hartwell, we recognize that in the world of computer technology, today’s inventions truly are tomorrow’s products.

Many of our computer industry clients see their ongoing IP program as a core business, and rely on us to help them identify, obtain, manage, and if necessary defend their intellectual property rights. At the same time, we help to navigate the rapidly changing legal landscape and its effects on computer technology, particularly relating to standard-essential technology and the patentability of computer software.

As shown in our portfolio, we have helped our clients to protect their intellectual property in the following areas:

  • Business applications
  • Computer and network security
  • Computer architecture and systems
  • Computer logic circuits and memory systems
  • Data compression/decompression and encryption/decryption
  • Data structures
  • Digital signal processing and data processing
  • Entertainment and gaming systems
  • Financial trading and management
  • Graphical user interfaces and ergonomic keyboards
  • Internet-based systems
  • Multimedia systems
  • Networks and network bandwidth management
  • Neural networks
  • Processor-based controllers
  • Risk management
  • Software-controlled processes

Kolisch Hartwell attorneys practicing in this area have degrees and/or experience in computer science, electrical or electronic engineering, semiconductors, and other technologies crucial to our computer industry clients. We can talk to you and your developers with first-hand knowledge, because some of us have been developers ourselves.

Our size and location allow us to provide world class services at rates much lower than those typically offered by larger firms based in more expensive cities. Learn more about our services or contact us to find out how we can help with your company’s IP needs.