Our team at Kolisch Hartwell has been protecting and enforcing intellectual property relating to entertainment systems, particularly vehicle-based entertainment systems, for decades. Accordingly, we have helped our clients in this field obtain hundreds of issued patents and trademark registrations around the world, and have successfully litigated their rights at the U.S. District Court and Federal Circuit levels.

We are experienced with entertainment system technologies including:

  • Ceiling-mounted monitor systems
  • Integrated vehicle gaming systems
  • Sidewall display systems
  • Automobile audio systems
  • Automatically deployable and stowable display monitors
  • GPS display systems
  • Pedestal display monitors
  • Pivotal and other multi-position display monitors
  • Monitor lifting apparatus
  • Vehicle visor systems
  • Overhead consoles
  • Video mounting systems
  • Glare shielding for vehicle displays
  • Articulable plugs for electronic signal ports

We have also performed extensive work for our entertainment system clients in the middle ground between prosecution and litigation. This includes providing numerous infringement and noninfringement analyses and written opinions, negotiating and drafting license agreements, settling disputes outside of formal litigation, and a host of other IP-related activities. In short, we have expertise in virtually every conceivable aspect of the IP relating to entertainment systems. As a relatively small boutique firm based in Portland, Oregon, we can provide all of these services more responsively and at a much lower cost than larger firms based in major metropolitan areas.

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