Companies in the financial industry operate worldwide, and must act aggressively to protect their trademarks or risk customer confusion and even counterfeiting. At Kolisch Hartwell, we have the expertise and experience to coordinate this protection. For example, in just a few years, we were able to obtain a portfolio of over 250 registered trademarks in more than 40 different countries for a large and growing international financial trading company. We have also assisted our financial industry clients in obtaining patents and copyright registrations on their proprietary trading software, and have successfully defended against lawsuits brought by non-practicing entities (NPEs).

On a more national scale, we represent a variety of U.S. companies in the financial industry, and have assisted these clients in developing appropriate trademark protection, as well as with complex contract negotiations, trademark clearance searches, and litigation.

Although the financial industry itself is based in large cities such as New York, Chicago and London, our clients have recognized that the legal framework for their intellectual property needs is federal and international, so that their IP counsel need not be local. Our clients in the financial industry appreciate that because of our relatively small size and our location in Portland, Oregon, we can offer comparable or even superior service, at a far lower cost than a large IP firm in a major financial center.

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