Since 1952, Kolisch Hartwell has helped clients obtain and enforce patents and trademarks for mechanical devices, and for the methods of making or using them. As shown in our portfolio, large and small clients have entrusted us to seek and defend patent rights for a wide range of mechanical inventions, including:

  • Agricultural sprayer systems, harvesters and produce processors
  • Aircraft and aircraft components
  • Bagging and packaging machines and materials
  • Bicycles and bicycle components
  • Computer peripherals
  • Construction equipment
  • Display and imaging systems
  • Gimbal systems for aircraft and satellites
  • Injection molding systems
  • Medical devices
  • Passenger screening portals
  • Photovoltaic manufacturing equipment
  • Sports and recreation devices
  • Timber harvesting and lumber manufacturing systems
  • Tools
  • Vehicle engines, braking systems, seat belts and indicator lights

Our attorneys who practice in the mechanical arts typically have at least one degree in mechanical engineering or a related subject. Many also have experience as working engineers designing, testing, or manufacturing mechanical devices. We are comfortable discussing the details of your technology with those inventing and producing it, and we have extensive experience evaluating mechanical designs to reduce the risk of infringement, identifying potentially patentable features, and pursuing domestic and foreign patent protection.

Unusually for a boutique IP firm of our size, we also have a long history of federal litigation, up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court. Therefore, in addition to helping your company obtain and perfect its intellectual property rights, we can enforce those rights to protect your market and your business, at a fraction of the cost of a large litigation firm.

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