Kolisch Hartwell has an active practice assisting clients that specialize in semiconductor technologies. Our offices in Portland and Palo Alto have proven convenient for clients in the Silicon Forest, the Silicon Valley, and around the Pacific Rim. Our attorneys and agents who practice in this area typically have an undergraduate or advanced degree in electrical or electronic engineering, chemistry or chemical engineering, or a related science, as well as extensive legal experience in protecting these and related technologies.

As shown in our portfolio, our clients have entrusted us to seek or defend IP rights in many diverse areas relating to semiconductors, including:

  • Apparatus and methods for producing and testing silicon crystal wafers and other semiconductor substrates
  • Etching and deposition process technologies
  • Inspection and test equipment for wafers and integrated circuits
  • Layered structures in semiconductors
  • Photovoltaics, including CIGS and CdS deposition techniques
  • Semiconductor and hybrid circuit design and manufacturing
  • Semiconductor circuit packaging
  • Thin film deposition and testing
  • Wafer polishing, cleaning, and testing

Kolisch Hartwell offers a full spectrum of IP legal services for the semiconductor design and fabrication industry. We routinely conduct state of the art and freedom to operate searches for new circuits, fabrication methods, testing technologies and other related innovations. We prepare and prosecute patent applications covering semiconductor technology in the United States and abroad. When necessary, we can also assert or enforce your IP rights, so that you can protect your markets and technologies.

Because of our size and location based in Oregon, we can offer the knowledge and experience your company expects and requires to protect its intellectual property, at a far lower cost than a large law firm with offices in more expensive cities. Learn more about our services or contact us to find out how we can help with your company’s IP needs.