Solar, wind, water, and geothermal power all play growing roles in our electric infrastructure, just as hydrogen, hybrid, and biofuel technologies will continue to increase the efficiency of our transportation systems. At Kolisch Hartwell, we have experience in all of these areas.

Our portfolio shows some representative renewable energy patents that we have prosecuted. Renewable energy technologies developed by our clients include:

  • Thin film photovoltaic cells, modules, and fabrication methods; techniques to improve efficiency for solar arrays; solar mounting systems
  • Generators using municipal waste fuels; co-generation facilities such as waste-heat and solar combinations
  • Hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen generation systems
  • Ammonia-based energy storage systems
  • Water turbine designs for wave-based generators
  • Vertical-axis and horizontal-axis wind turbines

Our patent attorneys and agents have significant experience in electrical, electronic, chemical and mechanical engineering, as well as in applied physics and other related sciences. We’re well prepared to help clients protect renewable energy inventions that span multiple technologies, and have helped our renewable energy clients build portfolios that include dozens and in some cases hundreds of patents and trademark registrations, as the company transitions from start-up to commercial success. We also provide full-spectrum IP legal advice—such as patent and trademark searches, freedom-to-operate opinions, and infringement, validity, and portfolio analyses—which can be vital to avoiding problems in this crowded technology area. When necessary, we also help our clients defend their IP rights through a range of strategies including negotiation, arbitration, and litigation.

Our size and location allow us to provide world class services at rates much lower than those typically offered by larger firms based in more expensive cities. Learn more about our services or contact us to find out how we can help with your company’s IP needs.