Each Kolisch Hartwell intellectual property attorney, patent agent and technology consultant draws on advanced technical and scientific degrees, real-world experience, and expert legal skills to obtain and protect intellectual property rights for our clients.

We maintain a team with technical backgrounds across a wide spectrum of science and technology areas, including physics, biophysics, biology and chemistry, as well as electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering. Our lawyers are distinguished in having represented clients in intellectual property litigation before the U.S. Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit, as well as around the country at the Federal District Court level. We believe our team can apply superior quality technical and legal expertise to virtually any conceivable intellectual property matter.

We are passionate about applying our shared expertise to help our clients achieve and protect their success. Our common goal is to connect, communicate, and create client partnerships that promote innovation and growth.

James R. Abney, Ph.D.

Intellectual Propery Attorney

James Abney, Ph.D., is an intellectual property attorney with a strong interdisciplinary background in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics… Read More

Edward B. Anderson

Of Counsel

Ed Anderson is an intellectual property attorney active in preparing and prosecuting U.S. and international applications for patents and trademarks… Read More

David P. Cooper

Intellectual Property Attorney

David grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and received his B.S. degree in chemistry in 1980 from Marquette University. After working in Denver… Read More

Owen W. Dukelow

Intellectual Property Attorney

Owen Dukelow is an intellectual property attorney who prepares and prosecutes patent and trademark applications in the mechanical and… Read More

Rowena M. Held

Technical Consultant

Rowena Held is a technical consultant who assists in patent prosecution. She works with patent matters in a variety of technological areas, including… Read More

Stan M. Hollenberg, Ph.D.

Patent Agent

Stan Hollenberg, Ph.D., is a registered patent agent with strong experience in biotechnology and medical devices. His practice at Kolisch Hartwell… Read More

Pierre C. Van Rysselberghe

Intellectual Property Attorney

Pierre Van Rysselberghe, a partner with Kolisch Hartwell, is an intellectual property attorney with over 20 years of experience in the full spectrum… Read More