Kolisch Hartwell has the depth of technical and litigation experience needed to vigorously protect client intellectual property interests on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Our successful track record includes litigation of complex patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret cases, as well as disputes involving Internet domain names and other IP assets.

The Kolisch Hartwell legal team has the knowledge and experience to fully represent clients at every stage of the judicial process, including drafting and responding to demand letters, filing and answering complaints in state and federal courts, seeking preliminary injunctions, managing discovery, complex motion practice, trials, and appeals.

Remarkably for a small IP boutique, Kolisch Hartwell attorneys have appeared at least 35 times before the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal or above, including three appearances before the United States Supreme Court. Our attorneys have also appeared hundreds of times in United States District Courts across the country. Our combination of strong technical and courtroom skills gives clients seasoned representation when they need it most. Some of the features that distinguish our enforcement practice include:

  • We provide practical assessment of risks and costs to clients, plus a range of options for responding to issues when – or before – they arise. Not every IP dispute goes to trial, and most disputes are settled outside the courtroom.
  • We are adept at alternatives to trial. Kolisch Hartwell attorneys are trained in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and licensing, so that client disputes can be handled in the most effective, cost-conscious and efficient manner.
  • Our litigators have deep technical backgrounds and extensive IP prosecution experience, allowing us to handle even the most complex litigation with a small and efficient team. Furthermore, our patent and trademark prosecutors often have litigation experience, allowing us to prosecute IP rights in a way that provides a strong litigation position and is more likely to avoid the need for an enforcement action.

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