Civil Local Rule 83-3 of the District of Oregon requires local counsel for all civil cases. For many reasons, Kolisch Hartwell is an excellent choice as local counsel in patent, trademark and copyright cases.

Kolisch Hartwell brings expertise honed by over 60 years as an IP law firm to our work in litigating patentstrademarkscopyrights and trade secrets. Because our firm has been based in Portland since 1952, our attorneys and staff are intimately familiar with the federal judges and local rules in the District of Oregon.

Our attorneys’ advanced degrees in technology and science, extensive IP litigation experience, deep understanding of District of Oregon judges, procedures and practices, and respect for the client combine to make Kolisch Hartwell an ideal local counsel partner.

Benefits of our Local Counsel services include:

  • Personal experience with most of the sitting District of Oregon judges, and respect from the Court earned through decades of highly professional interactions and appearances.
  • Preparation and filing of pro hac vice applications.
  • Court appearances with or without out-of-state counsel as the circumstances dictate.
  • Efficient and professional revisions and formatting for filings made in the District of Oregon.
  • Depositions and staging at our offices just a few blocks from the District Court in Portland.
  • Superior quality legal input and unusually deep technical knowledge at or below Portland market rates.

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