At Kolisch Hartwell, our technical depth and broad subject matter expertise enable us to work with clients that sell virtually any type of technology. This applies equally to U.S. and foreign clients. However, we recognize that foreign clients typically come to us having already started IP protection efforts in their home country, and are often seeking expertise and assistance with U.S. procedures at a reasonable and predictable cost. Accordingly, we provide most IP prosecution services to foreign entities on a flat fee basis.

Because U.S. government fees change frequently, and also because we sometimes offer a volume discount to foreign law firms seeking a U.S. partnership, we don’t publish a flat fee schedule. However, we will gladly respond to any inquiry with a cost estimate for a particular project. Our fees are generally lower than the fees charged by larger firms in bigger U.S. cities, and we seek to establish and maintain long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with foreign attorneys that can offer the same benefits to our U.S. clients.

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