The value of even the best intellectual property can be diminished by a poor quality agreement, which can also invite disputes between the parties later. On the other hand, the value of intellectual property can be preserved or even enhanced by a well-considered and unambiguous agreement. With over 60 years of legal experience, the Kolisch Hartwell attorney team is highly skilled in negotiating IP and technology licenses and other agreements for clients with varied objectives and in many different situations, maximizing the value of client IP and avoiding the types of ambiguities that can plague or destroy business relationships. We also have a highly successful history of helping our clients purchase and sell IP rights when it becomes necessary or beneficial to do so.

We help ensure fairness and a competitive advantage for clients seeking to enter into licensing and joint development agreements, no matter how complex. Additionally, we expertly maneuver complex and often delicate negotiations while helping to create agreement terms that protect our clients’ interests and maximize earning potential.

Our Licensing services include:

  • Licensing negotiations Clients who want to derive income from their patents, trademarks or copyrights or negotiate licensing rights from an IP owner benefit from our attorneys’ depth of experience in licensing negotiations. Our team has the flexibility, technical and legal expertise, and negotiating skills to quickly reach agreements that meet client transaction goals.
  • Design evaluation When a business developing a product wants to use someone else’s IP, it may be unclear if it is better to design around a patent or license the rights. Kolisch Hartwell helps clients evaluate designs for potential infringement, identifying design changes that minimize risks or eliminate the need for a license. If necessary, we can make discreet, anonymous inquiries regarding potential licenses, and then negotiate a license under terms consistent with client objectives.
  • Joint development and vendor agreements When a company wishes to collaborate with a third party to develop new technology, improve existing technology, or purchase complex equipment built to specifications, ownership of any IP generated during the project becomes an important issue. Using our extensive experience representing clients in these situations, we can help develop agreements that avoid any possible ambiguity about ownership of IP rights, while meeting client goals.

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