An intellectual property portfolio can form a significant part of a company’s value. However, patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets require dedicated management and strategic planning for a successful return on investment.

Kolisch Hartwell provides skilled IP portfolio management and analysis to clients ranging from individuals and startups to major corporate entities and Fortune 500 companies. Our attorney team offers broad experience in technical and scientific industries, deep knowledge of current intellectual property laws and procedures, an understanding of risk and opportunity, and the ability to monitor and manage IP assets while providing personalized attention to each client.

Our Portfolio Management services include:

  • IP portfolio assessment Kolisch Hartwell assesses the scope and strength of each client IP asset, creating a comprehensive inventory of their IP library. Patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are carefully identified and analyzed to provide a detailed overall portfolio description. At a client’s request, our analysis can include any desired degree of substantive analysis of the IP. We analyze overall patent portfolio coverage, as well as the claim breadth, validity and enforceability of key patents. For trademarks, our expert team investigates factors such as the breadth of existing registrations, the extent of any third party concurrent use, and the extent of coverage in current or anticipated international markets. Similarly, we thoroughly investigate the ownership, scope and validity of copyright and trade secret assets. We also review third party agreements, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, and company policies and procedures, to determine any impact on IP value.
  • IP asset coverage Our attorneys identify the combined extent of portfolio coverage and any existing gaps. We provide recommendations that reflect our clients’ best interests for obtaining additional IP assets of particular types, based on current and future company goals. In some cases, this can include rebalancing a portfolio by allowing older assets to expire, and redirecting company resources toward more current or future company developments.
  • IP counseling and maintenance We evaluate whether existing IP assets are being maintained correctly and whether proper assignments, licenses, or contracts are in place. If problems are found, we implement or improve systems to monitor and maintain the assets. Our team identifies existing IP maintenance obligations and those responsible for making sure they are fulfilled, to reduce the risk of inadvertent failures to preserve IP value.
  • IP strategy Planning for the future is critical to a business’s success. Kolisch Hartwell works closely with clients to develop long term asset strategies for a robust IP portfolio that meets future company goals.

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