Kolisch Hartwell is deeply experienced in helping to identify and protect the IP rights of businesses of all sizes, from startups to pre-IPO companies to Fortune 500 corporations.

We handle patent prosecution, trademark prosecution and copyright registration in the U.S. and all foreign countries. Our attorneys are experts in using USPTO, U.S. Copyright Office, and international treaty procedures to expedite the acquisition of IP rights in the countries where our clients need protection.

  • For large corporations, we have the experience and systems in place to provide quick and efficient patent and trademark prosecution services within outside counsel budget.
  • For mid-sized companies, we provide auditing, portfolio development and portfolio management services, to help effectively allocate resources while steadily increasing the value of the company IP.
  • We help small businesses and startup companies identify protectable IP and understand how to use it to gain a market advantage, while increasing company value to potential investors or purchasers through formal IP protection measures.
  • We provide guidelines to companies of any size to ensure that trade secrets remain secret and retain their value.

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