Since our founding in 1952, Kolisch Hartwell has helped clients obtain and enforce thousands of patents in the United States and abroad.

With PhDs in physics, biophysics, biology and chemistry, along with advanced degrees in various fields of engineering and decades of academic and industry research experience, our team has the expertise to build patent portfolios in any area of technology.

We handle every aspect of patent prosecution, including patentability searches and analysis, state of the art searches, preparing and filing U.S. and foreign patent applications, responding to official communications from the USPTO and other national Patent Offices, appeals, and maintenance fees. We are experts in the intricacies of U.S. and foreign patent procedures, and can use our knowledge to help expedite the patent process.

We know how to meet client needs quickly and efficiently, whether the goal is to claim broad rights in a seminal new area of technology, narrowly protect an improvement to an existing product, or build a valuable portfolio of patent rights.

Our Patent services include:

  • Patentability searches In some cases, it is wise to investigate the novelty of an idea prior to investing in preparing and filing a patent application. Kolisch Hartwell will search for preexisting patents and other public disclosures (“prior art”) to help determine a patent application’s breadth and feasibility. We use our expertise to draft patent applications that succinctly express clients’ ideas and goals while remaining relevant to search results – and will inform a client when an idea or invention does not appear to be patentable.
  • Patent drafting and prosecution We prepare patent applications that protect our clients’ broadest interests. In addition to their deep technical backgrounds, our attorneys are highly proficient in the process of advancing applications through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and foreign patent offices, from examination to issuance, and can provide ways to expedite the patent application review process.
  • Post-grant patent issues Once a patent is secured, legal challenges can still arise. Kolisch Hartwell provides timely, cost-efficient responses on behalf of our clients when their patents and pending applications face post-grant proceedings, such as post-grant review, ex parte reexamination, or inter partes review, ensuring continued patent protection.

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