Kolisch Hartwell has counseled clients about trade secrets for more than sixty years, helping protect the valuable confidential information and interests that ensure a company’s continued vitality and ability to remain competitive.

With deep experience in a broad range of industries, our attorney team provides trade secret services to businesses from startups to major manufacturers. Examples of our trade secret services include auditing the sufficiency of secrecy measures, evaluating and drafting non-compete, nondisclosure and employment agreements to ensure adequate trade secret provisions, informal dispute resolution, and trade secret litigation on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. We work closely with clients, expertly assessing and protecting confidential information in ways that are both time-efficient and cost effective.

Our Trade Secret services include:

  • Advice on secrecy measures Many companies lose trade secrets because they take inadequate measures to protect them. Kolisch Hartwell will audit existing secrecy procedures and recommend appropriate revisions.
  • Drafting agreements Trade secret disclosure is sometimes required, such as to a subset of employees on a need-to-know basis, or to a third party wishing to evaluate some aspect of a company’s technology when considering a joint development project. It’s crucial that the proper employment agreements and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) have been put in place for those times when employees leave and joint development projects don’t go entirely as planned. We have extensive experience drafting these agreements and making sure they will meet clients’ needs when they actually need them.
  • Enforcement Sometimes even a perfectly written agreement isn’t enough to deter trade secret misappropriation. When a client realizes that company trade secrets have been used or disclosed to others without authorization, we can help seek rapid injunctive relief to limit further damage, as well as compensation from the offenders.

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