Kolisch Hartwell Celebrates 65 Years

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Kolisch Hartwell, P.C. celebrates 65 years’ of experience dedicated to obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights for our clients.

In 1952, Pierre Kolisch (1919-2008) founded our firm.  Three years later he was joined by his first partner, Tim Hartwell.  From its earliest years, the firm handled both prosecution and litigation matters.  During his years at our firm, Pierre Kolisch twice argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

“In the broadest sense, we seek to foster creativity by protecting creations.”

– Pierre Kolisch

At Kolisch Hartwell, we believe that invention, discovery, and creativity serve the greater good and deserve public protection and private reward.  Today, we retain the name Kolisch Hartwell to honor our founders.  We continue the tradition of developing new areas of expertise as IP law, technology, and science continue to evolve.  We are a boutique firm with 14 attorneys and patent agents who share a common goal to connect, communicate, and create client partnerships that promote innovation and growth.  We practice a dynamic mix of intellectual property law, including domestic and foreign patent, trademark, and copyright acquisition and clearance, as well as regional and national IP litigation and licensing.

We have been located for much of our 65 years in the historic Pacific Building in vibrant downtown Portland, a fitting locale for a forward-thinking attorney group with a respected history.  Kolisch Hartwell has continued to grow over the years, establishing a presence in Palo Alto, California and adding distinguished new partners skilled in intellectual property law with a focus on technology and science.  The firm’s deeply experienced attorney team has successfully represented U.S. and international clients in a broad array of IP matters.

We are passionate about we do, proud to serve our clients and look forward to the next 65 years!