Patent Number Title Download
9,123,319 Vocal Processing with Accompaniment Music (Sing Trix)
9,110,622 Internet-Pads with Voice Activated Commands (Flexiworld)
9,092,177 Smart Phones Supporting IEEE 802.11 Standards (Flexiworld)
9,088,063 Hybrid Coupler for Transmission Lines (Werlatone)
9,042,811 Specification of Smart Wireless Television (Flexiworld)
8,831,370 Wavelength Diverse Scintillation Reduction (FLIR Systems)
8,811,526 Delta Modulated Low Power EHF Communication Link (Keyssa)
8,779,950 Command Encoded Data Compression (DCBA)
8,601,415 Planning for Hardware-Accelerated Functional Verification (IBM)
8,577,848 Converting Two-Tier Resource Mapping to One-Tier (IBM)