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8,993,364 Integrated Thin Film Solar Cell Interconnection (Global Solar Energy)
8,980,008 Apparatus and Methods for Manufacturing Thin-Film Solar Cells (Global Solar Energy)
8,961,627 Hydrogen Generation Assemblies and Hydrogen Purification Devices (Element One)
8,844,896 Gimbal System with Linear Mount (FLIR Systems)
8,831,370 Wavelength Diverse Scintillation Reduction (FLIR Systems)
8,759,664 Thin Film Solar Cell Strings (Hanergy)
8,723,353 Wave Energy Converter Incorporating an Induction Generator (Franklin)
8,336,277 Integrated Photovoltaic Rooftop Modules (SOLON)
8,190,006 Delivery Structure for Thin-Film Deposition Layer (Global Solar Energy)
7,862,188 Image Detection Improvement Via High Frequency Motions (FLIR Systems)