Patent Number Title Download
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9,101,817 Self-Stabilizing Skateboard (Future Motion dba Onewheel)
8,960,702 Electric Bicycle (Faraday Bicycles)
8,936,517 Light-Weight Coatings Having Enhanced Durability (Fujikura)
8,876,203 Collapsible Chair (Abida)
8,408,349 Electric Bicycle (Faraday Bicycles)
8,342,904 Toy Vehicles (Mattel)
8,287,372 Interactive Toy and Display System (Mattel)
8,245,893 Vehicle Boat Loading Device (Yakima)
8,231,734 Porous Material for Insertion Cleaning of Instruments (Jordco)
8,157,609 Mind-Control Toys and Methods of Interaction Therewith (Mattel)
7,975,888 Rear-Mounted Bicycle Carrier with Stabilizing Structures (Yakima)
7,959,692 Flavored Wood Pellet with Grape Vine (Traeger)