Patent Number Title Download
9,132,871 Low Profile Walking Machine and Method of Operation (Columbia Trailer)
9,103,132 Building-Component Handling System (ConXtech)
8,950,648 Box Column Assembly (ConXtech)
8,882,113 Bit Holders (WestPort Medical)
8,857,280 Screened Inline Flow-Through (SIFT) Sediment Trap Apparatus (City of Portland)
8,798,450 Gimbal System (FLIR Systems)
8,783,140 Gauge System for Workpiece Processing (Lean Tool Systems)
8,727,369 Sliding Hitch Assembly (The Coast Distribution System)
8,591,048 Spatially Efficient Kinematic Mirror Mount (FLIR Systems)
8,251,233 Shelving Systems (CLB Enterprises)
8,112,846 Cleat for Securing Packaging Ties (Mattel)
8,029,583 Cleaning Apparatus for a Gas Filter (Western Pneumatics)
7,896,383 Fifth Wheel Hitch (The Coast Distribution System)