Perhaps your company is at an early stage of development and you know you need to start doing something about intellectual property, or perhaps you’ve outgrown your first IP counsel. In any case, your company has reached a point where you want the type of first-class advice and assistance that will meet the standards of professional investors and set your company up for future success. However, you don’t want to pay the exorbitant rates you know are charged by the national “big-name” IP firms. It’s time for you to contact Kolisch Hartwell.

Our firm has a 60+ year history working to educate and assist small companies based around the United States to protect their foundational intellectual property and position themselves for future investment, growth and success. We can help you to maximize the immediate effect of a small IP budget, preserve your future IP rights for later investment, and avoid the IP pitfalls that inevitably arise when entering a new commercial and technological space.

Due to our size and location, we can offer the experience and expertise of a large national IP firm at far lower rates. We also provide predictability through detailed and accurate cost estimates, confidence that your work will be actively managed and usually performed by an experienced partner-level attorney, and the responsiveness that only a smaller boutique firm can offer.

Contact us to speak with one of our partners in more detail about how we can assist you, or to arrange a complimentary initial telephone consultation about your company’s current IP position and needs. You can also learn more about our expertise and the IP services you may need: